Testimonials from happy customers


"Hi Charlotte

I have enjoyed my first ever yoga classes; sometimes I feel really

good and feel I'm getting more flexible, sometimes I feel I just can't

do it and my fat stomach get's in the way (menopause), sometimes

my breathing is tight (asthma) and sometimes my heart beats a little

too fast (high blood pressure) so I do listen intensely to your

instructions.My body has got a little rusty in 56 years but I'm going to

persevere because everytime I have gone away feeling hard worked

yet happy and relaxed.  Thanks for your expertise. 


Hi Charlotte

I wanted to take this opportunity of saying however much I'm enjoying

your yoga classes and the benefits I have gained from them including a fantastic

improvement with a persistent neck/shoulder issue on which I've had three years

of physio! 


"You're such an inspiration both of you and you look like a Goddess Charlotte!". Norah


"Hi Charlotte,

Just a little note to say a huge THANK YOU! for yoga over the past

year and a bit - it really has been inspirational and has completely

transformed my life!"

Vikki x


"Thank you for the great class last night - it was relaxing and

challenging as always and left me feeling invigorated and totally

chilled afterwards." Rebecca


"super yoga workshop on the 4th Nov - absolutely looooved Sunday"

:o) Vikki Xx


Just wanted to say thank you so much for the class

yesterday. I really, really enjoyed it and can definitely

feel it in my body today :) Thanks again, hopefully see

you again soon!

Namaste Dani xx


"I really love the Monday yoga class and after the last session had the best nights sleep I have had in a few months! Thank you Charlotte." With love Sarah.


I just want to say, that I absolutely love the Wednesday class, I've

struggled to find a class that pushes me as much as your class does,

and it's fabulous, I am really feeling the benefits and your approach

has me improving every week.

Thank you. Daragh


"Hi Charlotte.

I've done a few Yoga courses before and never really got on with it

before, but am loving your classes and go home and sleep SO deeply. So thank you!"

Helena x


Hi Charlotte,

Just a quick message to say thanks for yesterday. Really

enlightening session and gave me some good focus on what

I can work on at home.

Charlotte x


"As a physio and ultra distance trail runner I have been aware of

the benefits of yoga for several years. However the need for correct

technique to gain the rewards of strength and flexibility is essential.

After attending a class of Charlotte's I was immediately convinced

that she has the expertise to empower those in her class to push

themselves without leading to injury, focusing on good technique

using effecting words and gentle hands.

I took the opportunity of a one to one session with Charlotte and felt

it was more than worth it with her hands on correction and

instruction. Charlotte gave me insight into moving and breathing that

I would never have gained with my own practice.


I have also seen huge benefit from attending Charlotte's Saturday

morning yoga class before doing a long hard run in the afternoon or





Hi Charlotte, I just wanted to drop you a quick line to say how much I enjoyed your yoga classes! I think you're an amazing teacher and would definitely recommend your classes. Thank you Anna x




"Just wanted to say thank you for the great workshop last Sunday. It made me aware of how much benefit I could reap from practicing more.  The stretches made quite a difference in my circuit training classes on Monday and Wednesday and the effects of being able to practice outside I think lasted the rest of the week.  Have been singing your praises and would recommend anyone to try the workshop and hope to make it to one of your classes soon." Carolyn x



"We have enjoyed both Charlotte and Dom's classes, to be honest

I didn't think I would as I tend to be a little jittery but the classes 

have really helped me to ground myself and I always come away

feeling refreshed and centred. Thanks to both of you." Love

Camilla and Andy



"Would just like to say - I joined in your workshop on Sunday as a complete

beginner and really enjoyed the session.  You have completely dispelled any

misconceptions I had about yoga - I was pleasantly surprised at feeling as

though I had had a complete body workout - despite not fully knowing what I

was doing but just following on.  Thanks - I am definitely interested in doing

more". Helen



 "Yoga is a great way for me to improve my athletic abilty with the flexability and strength gains that can be made .

In Charlotte and Dom I have found two great teachers that

make yoga relaxing and fun ... I think yoga can benefit

almost everyone ... I have certainly seen dramatic

improvements through Dom and Charlottes style".




"I was really inspired by the dynamic yoga course and it has definately got me into yoga again. If I've woken up with an aching back I have been doing some stretches and voila! Ache gone - I've actually found myself in the afternoon thinking - wow - no ache! (and I've just lived with it for so long now, I feel quite free). I have been practising more and more frequently and am now doing it everyday when I have a spare moment - it's my new favorite thing! So energising, achebusting and relaxing!" see you soon, Lillie :-)

"Great class last night, thank you. Monday nights are always something to look forward to!" Much love, Polly x



"Thank you very much for the amazing class last night." Elena 


"Many thanks for the lovely workshop on Sunday Charlotte.I really enjoyed it and felt great last night.  I'm not even stiff today, which shows how well you warmed us up". All the best, Mary.


"I really enjoyed the class today and I'm definitely feeling much less

achy after slipping on the ice so it's all good!". Thank you, Marianne.


"Thank you for a lovely class - I'm looking forward to another

 one already! Have a great week", Rach :) x

"Splendid class on Monday. Thanks. Slowly but surely I progress from Stiffness to Stillness. Ahhh". Claire


 "I just wanted to say how much I enjoy the Dynamic Yoga classes in  Redland - its a great location, and great yoga". Hannah



"I have just had a 1:1 yoga session with Charlotte and I am feeling totally rejuvenated, revived and energetic!

It has made such a difference being able to talk to Charlotte about each pose and as a result I now feel that I have moved on to the next level with my yoga practice.

Small differences in posture made a huge impact on the depths I was able to achieve...she took me to places I have never been before ...and it didn't hurt!!!

Thanks so much Charlotte for your never ending enthusiasm, sense of calm and total commitment.

Much love , smiles and happiness

Jeanette" Be right back x



"Being pregnant for me with a three year old meant that it was ideal that Charlotte could offer 1 to 1 pre natal yoga in my own home.  No rushing about and a programme tailored for my needs!


I suffered severely with SPD (symphysis pubis dysfunction)
 with my first pregnancy which means that your pelvis is unstable and inflammation occurs, and my condition was severe enough for me to be on crutches.

My yoga tuition with Charlotte as well as regular osteopathy has made the world of difference to my health throughout this pregnancy.  Although I still encountered SPD, my body has been so much stronger to compensate for this and I have been able to continue to walk relatively pain free.

I would completely recommend Charlotte to you for pre natal yoga - she understands how to encourage core stability whilst being sensitive to the changes in your body.  

PS as time goes on, why not treat yourself to some reflexology after your yoga 1 to 1.  I have really looked forward to the holistic exercise and relaxation sessions as my due date comes ever closer!" Abi x