Pregnancy Yoga


Yoga is great during this stage in your and your baby's life. Yoga can

help keep you strong mentally, emotionally and physically during



Charlotte's pregnancy yoga tuition has an uplifting effect on the

whole pregnancy, child birth and post natal stages of pregnancy.


Yogic breathing and relaxation techniques, postures, chants and

positive visualizations are used in each class to help keep your mind/

body in a good healthy and happy shape, preparing you for an

enjoyable birth and motherhood.


Yoga is a special way for you to connect with your baby, both

during pregnancy and after.


Charlotte currently teaches personal pregnancy yoga in the comfort

of your own home.

1/2 hr session is £20

5 x half hour sessions for £95

1hr session is £40

5 x 1hr sessions for £175 ( £35 per hour )


Charlotte offers a special Pregnancy Package which combines Yoga


and Reflexology Foot Massage! What more could you ask for?


5 x yoga/reflexology treatments for £225 ( £45 per session )

each session lasts 1hr 15mins.

"Being pregnant for me with a three year old meant that it was ideal that Charlotte could offer 1 to 1 pre natal yoga in my own home.  No rushing about and a programme tailored for my needs!

I suffered severely with SPD (symphysis pubis dysfunction)
 with my first pregnancy which means that your pelvis is unstable and inflammation occurs, and my condition was severe enough for me to be on crutches.

My yoga tuition with Charlotte as well as regular osteopathy has made the world of difference to my health throughout this pregnancy.  Although I still encountered SPD, my body has been so much stronger to compensate for this and I have been able to continue to walk relatively pain free.

I would completely recommend Charlotte to you for pre natal yoga - she understands how to encourage core stability whilst being sensitive to the changes in your body.  

PS as time goes on, why not treat yourself to some reflexology after your yoga 1 to 1.  I have really looked forward to the holistic exercise and relaxation sessions as my due date comes ever closer!" Abi x



Charlotte teaches a Yoga to Nourish class on Tuesdays 7-8pm at 126 Hampton Rd, Redland which is suitable during pregnancy. Please book your space on the 'yoga courses' page.


Call Charlotte for a friendly chat on 07533 732 035 or email her at: