Dom has trained everyone, from people trying to lose weight to elite level athletes.

Whatever your goals are Dom can design you an efficient fitness program to help you achieve your goals.

Dom's unique background of fitness, martial arts and yoga means that you can experience challenging, fun sessions whilst also caring for your body and mind.

Long term lifestyle change is the main aim rather than quick fixes which generally become unsustainable.

Training can be one to one or small groups.


Call Dom for a free consultation : 07817 493 327


"Dom's expertise has really motivated me to get fit! Personally I have found that

doing an early morning class rather than one at the end of a long day at work is

much better - both because I am more likely to actually do it and also because it

makes me feel more energetic whilst at work. In the process I have lost weight,

become much more flexible and seen the sun rise over the Downs! I am enjoying

exercise again after a long period of finding it a chore. Thank you."